Author: Tilia

Summer abundance

Beautiful weather, long days, walking around barefoot,… and harvesting your own vegetables! I do love summer and the abundance it brings with it. We only have a small vegetable patch but at the moment there is lettuce, peas, beans and chard to be enjoyed. We stuff ourselves with strawberries, raspberries and red currants. The other […]

Pretty fabrics

Last Wednesday my mom and I went looking for fabrics at Stoffen Van Leuven. To be honest I was the one who wanted fabric for 2 projects and my mom only tagged along. The bottom fabric is a bamboo/polyester mix that looks gorgeous and is wonderful to the touch. In the middle is a linen/cotton […]

Thoughts on pattern making

Years ago I’ve received a very good base education in pattern drafting women’s attire. I learned drafting for standardized and unique measurements. I learned a bit of draping and drafting children’s and men’s clothes. I LOVED doing that course. For a while I hoped to work as a professional pattern maker, but it turned out […]

Pinterest & Linen clothes

I love natural fiber fabrics. Linen is my favorite. I’m from Belgium so that might be the reason. We have a rich history of making linen. Lately I’ve been really inspired by linen clothes where the beauty of the fabric is shown. Simple designs, mostly no prints or other embellishments. That is what is so […]

New blog, renewed intentions

Hello world! Here I am again. 🙂 I’m not new to blogging and I’m certainly not new to letting a blog die a silent death. Which was silly because I do enjoy blogging. So this time I’m back with good intentions to update regularly and to plan ahead. You can expect posts about my creative […]