Pretty fabrics

Last Wednesday my mom and I went looking for fabrics at Stoffen Van Leuven. To be honest I was the one who wanted fabric for 2 projects and my mom only tagged along. The bottom fabric is a bamboo/polyester mix that looks gorgeous and is wonderful to the touch. In the middle is a linen/cotton denim. I want to make my own trousers. 7 years ago I made my last pair of trousers and they haven’t fit me in most of that time since. Trousers are very difficult to fit on me and I hope to get the fit right very soon. That’s why I’m being optimistic and have already bought fabric for it.

The voile print on top is a project for my mom. While we were there I suggested she could choose something for me to make a loose top out. I have made one for myself and she is similar in fit and size so the pattern wouldn’t need many changes. She liked the idea and after much consideration she choose this fabric and another one not shown here. I bought more of the one not pictured so that I can make something for myself also.

Mama’s top is almost done. Sewing sewing the bias binding to the neck and armholes is the only part not yet done. I hope it’ll fit mom ok and that she’ll enjoy wearing it. The print suits her very well. 🙂

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